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This week, the Clergy ventures to Baltimore Comic Con! Equipped with nothing but the freshly dubbed MRU (Mobile Recording Unit), the NCP took the con by storm. In this installment, you’ll hear a recap of their adventure, as well as interviews with some of their newest friends, including; Rando Dixon, Josh Geppi, Skip Winter, DW, Joe Grabowski, Jon Jebus, Stephen Leon, and Dawn Griffin.  Be sure and click the links below to be wizarded to their respective digital abodes!
We’ve taken the liberty of giving you each interview’s specific timecode below (next to their name). While we strongly encourage you to listen to the whole thing, we figured we’d give you a cheat sheet anyway. We’re nice like that. Enjoy!
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Rando Dixon (43:00)
Artist for The Absentee
Website: http://inversepress.com/
Twitter: @randogami
Facebook: www.facebook.com/randographic

Josh Geppi (49:30)
CEO of ComicWow
Site: www.comicwow.com
Twitter: @therealcomicwow

Skip Winter (1:02:25)
Creator of the comic series “Unit 5”

“DW” (1:02:25)
Host of Fanboys Inc Podcast
Twitter: @fanboysinc

Joseph Grabowski (1:18:18)
Writer: Spirits: The Soul Collector
Website: www.Spiritscomic.com
Twitter: @spiritscomic
Joey’s Twitter: @TheRealJoeyG
Colin’s Website: http://colinlawler.com

John Jebus (1:30:12)
Writer of The C-listers comic
Website: www.c-listers.com
Twitter: @jonjebus

Stephen Leon (1:42:00)
Creator of the Bat Beanie
Website: http://www.batbeanie.com/
Twitter: @bat_beanie

Dawn Griffin (1:53:40)
Creator of Zorphbert & Fred webcomic
Website: www.zfcomics.com
Twitter: @dgriffstudios


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