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This week, The Clergy debuts the new “NCP Confessional Hotline” with some brilliant fan messages, and offers some sloppy kisses to our oldest pals. Sean’s spine is on strike, and he may have taken too many the perfect amount of pain killers. Is it wrong to toss banana peels while driving? Dragoncon is coming! Steve reports the sad passing of Batgirl, but uplifts with the tale of how Oracle got engaged. Is British bacon just snobby ham? Who wants a whiff of Mickey’s rag? Have Michael and Steve finally found some common ground? Derpity-derp.


——–Hymnal index——–

A History of Misunderstanding
Anywhere But Here
Attaboy, Clarence!/The Secret History of Hollywood
The Stinking Pause

Show extras:
Jobs Spider-Man has had
Nightwing and Oracle are betrothed
The NCP Twitch channel
Dragon Con
Boldly Going Somewhere Podcast

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