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Hey guys, Steve here.

On the past few shows you may have heard us refer to Batman Bingo.  This is a fun game that our Sin-A-Nun, GinaBCosplay, came up with to have some fun with all of my various Batman Logo shirts.

Some background here, I have a lot of Batman logo shirts.  I mean, a lot.  Last count was 42 total, even though the last photo only shows 41 of them.  It started as kind of a joke and grew into an obsession.  Most all of the shirts are different in some way and I tend to shy away from duplicates.  At request from Gina, I posted this picture to the interwebs showing all of the shirts (minus the one that was still in the laundry):

Batman Bingo

Click to Embiggin

For the past few shows I have done by best to describe which shirt I was wearing and where it would appear on this photo.  Though, I have to admit, I am not good at graphic and I always get my columns and rows mixed up.

So as for the game, if you have been following along, or want to go back a few episodes, feel free to use this photo as a reference and mark off the ones I have worn on the show.  I know you think this may take a while to get through everything, but this game WILL ALSO COUNT, any appearance I make and you walk up to me and ask which shirt it is, OR if you want to ping me on twitter (@Wizzer2801) and ASK me what shirt I am wearing.  (90% Chance it will be a Batman shirt) I will tweet back to you a photo of what shirt I am wearing.  Lets not get too crazy here, if I have already tweeted a photo of the shirt of the day, then your missed it.

If you are feeling saucy, I might accept any logo shirts you see in RnR Comics as well (Only from this date forward!)

Huge thanks to @GinaBCosplay for the idea for the game, and happy hunting!

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