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    Batman Bingo

    18 September 2015 , by Michael

    Hey guys, Steve here. On the past few shows you may have heard us refer to Batman Bingo.  This is a fun game that our Sin-A-Nun, GinaBCosplay, came up with to have some fun with all of my various Batman Logo shirts. Some background here, I have a lot of Batman logo shirts.  I mean, a lot.  Last count was... Read more

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    Nerd Church Website 2.0

    17 September 2015 , by Michael

    Hey guys! Steve here with a super special awesome update.  Did you see what we did here?  How do you like the place? Yes, we have made a few improvements to the website to bring it into the 21st century.  Please feel free to browse around and check out the changes.  Comment here if you see stuff you like.  Heck,... Read more

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