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    Episode 108: Year End Review

    4 January 2016 , by nerdchurch

    This week, The Clergy dives into a recap of their Christmas gifts. Michael got a sweet new watch and Myles got to unpack boxes, all the boxes.  Sean gives a global perspective of what happened in 2015. Some of our favorite NCP moments of 2015 are remembered.  Happy New Year! Read more

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    Episode 106: Glitter Me Elmo

    12 December 2015 , by nerdchurch

    This week, The Clergy is down a Sean; leaving Michael in charge. Myles thinks art is shitting in a fire. Michael can’t seem to figure out how the sound board works.  Steve and Michael have a few choice words to say about the Flash/Arrow crossover. Steve, in his moment of sickness; finds a new voice. A minor civil war breaks out... Read more

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    Episode 105: An S&M Quick...

    29 November 2015 , by nerdchurch

    This week, The Clergy gives it the ol’ college try, and half-asses like usual. Michael is elbow deep in apple pies, and Steve is lost on the treadmill freeway. Myles and Sean dive deeper into battlefront and determine that it is, indeed, fun. A crossguard explanation that makes sense? Possibly. And, finally, Tom Rhodes released the latest fun... Read more

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    Episode 104: Simply Riveting

    23 November 2015 , by nerdchurch

    This week, The Clergy learns exactly how far Sean’s laziness goes, as he contemplates hocking his new Xbox One Elite controller. Michael gives his review of Battlefront and admits that Luke is the derpiest Jedi in the Galaxy. Steve can’t get enough of Fallout 4 and the groovy music of the nuclear wasteland. Michael keeps forgetting whic... Read more

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