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I am he as you are he as you are me…..

Portrait of Swami Sean by Tom Rhodes (http://tomrhodesmusic.com/)


Part time musician, part time engineer, full time geek. I love comics, movies, and music. If it has a bat-symbol on it, a Spider-man color scheme, or anything related to Gallifrey, I either want it or own it. Seriously – I have an 11th Doctor’s “sonic toothbrush”….
Basically, old school geek done good. Hot wife, awesome kids, fast cars, fun toys. What else could anyone want?

Well….a batcave.

I could use a batcave.










Portrait of Minister Mike by Tom Rhodes (http://tomrhodesmusic.com/)


Former Gallifreyan recruiter for the Time War, regenerated into the form of a human as punishment by The Doctor. Minister Mike has spent his time in his new form propagating the social acceptance movement of Geekdom and Nerdery. Aided by his Energon Powered D20 and his Joker approved tablet, he works tirelessly to spread the gospel of the Nerd Church. During his travels, he has collected many comic books and nerdy art prints, slain many Dragons, and even found time to save a princess or two. He can often be seen riding Shai-Hulud across the highways of the United States. He bears the marking of The Spider, and is sometimes referred to as “Mir”.










Portrait of Pope Myles by Tom Rhodes (http://tomrhodesmusic.com/)


College professor, regulatory analyst, and above all, nerd. I love video games (especially retro), comics, all things Tolkien, and anything that has an RPG twist to it…..give me all the levels, xp, and gear! My favorite super hero is the big S himself, even though he does “fight like a butler” according to Lobo. My beautiful wife shares in and supports my geekdom by filling my fortress of solitude with collectibles, posters, and various other loots.












Batman aficionado and t-shirt collector, Steve is the newest member to the clergy.  Steve can also be found over on http://www.rnrcomics.com where he creates photo based webcomics twice a week.


I have a Batcave














(All images courtesy of Tom Rhodes. From writing amazing songs, to honing his skills with silly drawings – he really knows how to use the pen and ink. Click the link and show some love.)

Welcome to the Nerd Church!

When four friends get together to argue about geek stuff, this is the uncensored and unfiltered result. From video games to comics, and everything in between, The Clergy is here to enlighten and entertain.

Join Sean, Michael, Myles, and Steve for fun stories, the latest in nerd news, and impassioned reviews of all things geek.


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